Is SunFX Organic?

SUNFX has been formulating and producing solutions in Australia for a class leading 15 years. Our aim is to continue to provide the best possible organic and natural based solutions on the market.

But while we have these amazing solutions which are really the best in the world, why don’t we have an Organic solution like other manufacturers? The answer is found when you are prepared to dig a little deeper.

Dihydroxyacetone ( DHA ) the most widely used active ingredient in Spray Tanning today is manufactured from various natural sources including sugar beet and even rape seed. Many companies claim to offer 100% Organic DHA.

We warn the applying company several times (first email contact, terms and conditions and attestation) that the service is reserved to non-organic raw materials and the document issued is not an organic certificate.

In the attestation only appears, natural, vegetal and synthetic percentages. It doesn’t mention organic percentage or something related with organic farming or organic certification.

We hope that you agree with the stance SUNFX adopts that, in our eyes, it would not be right in making claims that are not right or that would give the public perhaps a false sense of recieving something that they in fact cant get.