The SunFX Pro Mini Mobile Spray Tanning Equipment is the perfect package to start your spray tanning business or incorporate into your existing services.

SunFX Pro Mini Spray Tanning System is the perfect mobile tanning system for the tanning professional on the go. If floor space in your salon or day spa is at an absolute premium, then the SunFX Pro Series Mini’s compact size will suit you perfectly. Mounts easily to the wall as well!

The Pro Series Mini may be tiny in size, but it packs a powerful output, making application of the perfect tan a breeze. Featuring the same rugged and yet refined technology as our full size Pro Series, the Mini is designed to be both elegant and efficient.

Package Includes:

  • Pro Mini System- choice of Color
  • 2 Award Winning HVLP Applicators- Many have attempted to copy but nothing compares to the Original
  • 1 SunFX Portable Tan Tent
  • 2 Liters SunFX Premium Tanning Solution
  • 100 Before/After Care Brochures
  • 20 pair Sticky Feet
  • 20 Disposable Thongs
  • 20 Hair Nets
  • Owners/Training Manual
  • 2 year Factory warranty* on the Pro Mini System!

Your Award winning SunFX Applicators- designed/engineered and made by SunFX will perform unlike another Applicator on the market. Don’t be fooled by cheap knock offs!

Two Liters of SunFX Premium Solution Caribbean Chocolat Medium and a liter of your choosing will provide 50 to 60 applications

SunFX invented Sticky Feet as the ultimate hygienic foot protection for the client and your salon. Use to prevent stained feet and foot disease. Sticky Feet also minimize the use of towels.
SunFX Sticky Feet don’t leave sticky residue like many inferior foam copies and are 100% recyclable

Turbine Size 24 cm x 14 cm

Turbine Weight– 1.6 kg

Applicator Weight – 235 gr

Hose Length2.5 m

*For full terms and conditions please contact sunfx





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