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What’s The Deal With Rapid Spray Tans

Due to time poor clients and those that simply don’t want to sleep or bake themselves in bronzers Rapid or Quick Tans have become increasingly popular with the sunless tanning community. I’m often asked how does a Rapid Tan work and how do I know when I can rinse? So, I’ll try and demystify the industry […]

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Island Getaways

We’ve put together our picks for top island destinations, including our recommendations on the most relaxing places to visit – as well as some unique tips you won’t find in the tour guides…

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Spring into Summer

As a passionate supporter of Australian fashion innovation, Sunfx is proud to sponsor the SPRING INTO SUMMER 2015 event presented by Lita Magazine.

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Natural Vs Organic Spray Tan

Is there such a thing as organic spray tan?
In reality, natural products aren’t necessarily organic, and even products advertised as organic could contain a significant amount of unnatural ingredients.

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Best Hotel Spas in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. And because the house always wins, so will most of your hard-earned cash. But if there’s one thing you can expect to disappear in Sin City just as quickly as your savings, it’s your tan.

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